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Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots
Fenwick Bell Boots

Fenwick Bell Boots

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Fenwick Equestrian has now designed a 12mm thick, lightweight neoprene Bell Boot that does not rub your horses' pasterns.  It is durable enough for turnout yet attractively designed for performance.  The bell boot is 7/16" in thickness with a soft "kevlar-strong" covering that is bonded to the neoprene which helps protect the boot from tearing.  The new generation mushroom velcro closure is in one piece for strength, but also for easily securing and removing.  Like all of our products, these boots are easy care...just squirt with the hose and hang out to dry!  Our soft and supple bell boots will protect your horse's feet, heels and coronet band with out irritation. 

  Fenwick's blacksmith, Keith Crawford likes our Bell Boots so much that he gives them to his clients to help prevent the horse's shoes from coming off when turned out in paddocks.  It saves the horse's foot from getting torn up, a return trip from the blacksmith and lose of time riding your horse.

Here are some uses for our Bell Boots: 

  • Turnout 
  • Pleasure Riding
  • Endurance 
  • Jumping 
  • 3-day Eventing 
  • Galloping race horses 
  • While transporting your horse in a van, trailer or airplane 
  • Lunging

COLORS:    Black


Medium___height 4 1/4"___bottom  18 1/2"

Large_____height 4 5/8"___ bottom  19 1/2"

XLarge____height 5"___ bottom 20 1/2"

XXLarge___height 5 3/8"___ bottom 22"

MSRP:    $29.00__pair

Combo Special:  Fenwick Tendon & Hind Ankle Boots + Bell Boots   $126.00

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