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Fenwick Liquid Titanium Blanket
Fenwick Liquid Titanium Blanket
Fenwick Liquid Titanium Blanket

Fenwick Liquid Titanium Blanket

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Fenwick Equestrian’s Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed fabric relieves arthritic aches and pains naturally through the Far Infrared (FIR) process which has been successfully used for centuries.  Our therapeutic stable sheet can be worn as a stable sheet or blanket liner with no adverse effects.  Unlike other therapeutic blankets, Fenwick's can be left on 24/7. 


Fenwick Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed Smart Fabric Qualities:

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions can provide the following positive effects on the body naturally:
  • FIR converts into radiant heat (infrared energy) which produces body warmth.
  • Increases H2O hydration which improves blood circulation & increased oxygen in the blood provides more energy. 
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Increases the production of nitric oxide which is a key component of a healthy Immune system.
  • Reduces the acidity or lactic acid buildup in our bodies. 
  • Detoxification__Helps flush toxic substances from the body.
  • Reduces aches, pains and joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms.
  • Reduces pain associated with arthritis.
  • Can reduce inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Can reduce anxiety.
  • Can reduce stress, which can reduce the chance of ulcers. 
  • Induces alpha brain waves and stabilizes seratonin levels which can create a calming effect.
  • Increases awareness and helps your horse focus in a positive way.
  • Promotes psychological health.

Other fabric qualities:
  • Breathable, moisture absorption & quick drying.
  • Anti-bacterial
  • 4 way stretch allows for a comfortable fit.
  • UVA-UVB blocking properties
  • Machine wash & dry
  • Will not shrink.
Our front closure makes for a secure fit and easy release, 2 adjustable belly straps and a removable tail cord.  D-rings for leg straps.   O-ring on back for easy hang up.   This sheet can help maintain the horse's condition between acupuncture, chiropractic & massage treatments.   Remember, this sheet is breathable, so it can be used in hot, humid weather and your horse will remain comfortable.  

     If you notice your horse becoming sweaty after wearing the stable sheet for a few hours, it is most likely the Detoxification process - Warmth from radiant heat (infrared energy) helps to flush out toxic substances, heavy metals and other cell waste products through the sweat.

***Featured picture is stable sheet and hoodie on horse. 

COLOR:    Dark Grey only

Sizing Suggestion:

Due to the design of our Liquid Titanium sheet and the stretch in the fabric, our sizing differs from normal sheets.  They will fit your horse like athletic shirts fit humans.  Please take into consideration the muscle mass of your horse.  You should consider a smaller size rather than larger.  

Height is not critical when sizing your horse.  This sheet should have a comfortable but slightly fitted appearance.
Pictured with hoodie and neck wrap, sold separately.


       Small Foal  30" withers to tail
        Medium Foal  38" withers to tail

       62"         Pony
       66"         XSmall
       70"         Small
       74"         Medium    
       78"         Large
       82"         XLarge

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