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Fenwick Liquid Titanium Cooler
Fenwick Liquid Titanium Cooler
Fenwick Liquid Titanium Cooler

Fenwick Liquid Titanium Cooler

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Fenwick Equestrian's Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed wearable products incorporate a patent pending technology which has resulted in the production of a "naturally healing" lightweight, breathable therapeutic Cooler using our Liquid Titanium smart fabric which improves blood flow without compression and accelerates healing.  Our therapeutic cooler is as effective on a wet, sweaty horse as on a dry horse.  Since liquid titanium can reduce lactic acid buildup this cooler has had very positive results with horses that have a tendency to tie up.

"Our Far InfraRed fabric enhances the body's natural ability to heal"

Liquid Titanium Far InfraRed Fabric Qualities:

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ions can provide the following positive effects on the body:

  • FIR converts into radiant heat (infrared energy) which produces body warmth.
  • Increases H2O hydration which improves blood circulation & increased oxygen in the blood provides more energy. 
  • Improves metabolism.
  • Increases the production of nitric oxide which is a key component of a healthy Immune system.
  • Reduces the acidity or lactic acid buildup in our bodies. 
  • Detoxification__Helps flush toxic substances from the body.
  • Reduces aches, pains and joint stiffness and relieves muscle spasms.
  • Reduces pain associated with arthritis.
  • Can reduce inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Can reduce anxiety.
  • Can reduce stress, which can reduce the chance of ulcers.
  • Induces alpha brain waves and stabilize seratonin levels which can create a calming effect.
    • Increases awareness and helps your horse focus in a positive way.
    • Promotes psychological health

    Other fabric qualities:
    • Breathable, moisture absorption & quick drying.
    • Anti-bacterial
    • 4 way stretch allows for a comfortable fit.
    • UVA-UVB blocking properties
    • Machine wash & dry
    • Will not shrink

    COLORS:    Dark Grey

    SIZES:     72"    74"    78"   

                    82"    84"

    Black available in size 78"  only