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Nature's Force Fly Spray

Nature's Force Fly Spray

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* Natural fly repellent for horses, ponies and dogs
* 24 hour control, organic knockdown and kill
* Safe around children and pets!
* Learn more about Manna Pro Force Fly Control – watch the videos in 'Other Info' below
* This product may be suitable for use on organic farms;
please confirm with your certifier before using

Nature’s Force Natural Fly Repellent – Made from a patented blend of organic plant oils. Kills bugs fast and repels for hours, without any synthetic toxins or harmful residues. Intended to be used on horses, ponies and dogs to control and repel biting and nuisance flying insects. Organic knockdown and kill of mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas, lice, and stable, horse, deer face, house, horn and bot flies.

Contains clove, thyme, cinnamon, lemongrass and peppermint oils.

Directions: Apply evenly to entire animal, paying particular attention to legs, shoulders, shanks, neck and ears where flies are most often seen. Do not saturate animal. Do not spray in sensitive areas such as eyes, mouth, nose and genitalia. Apply to towel and wipe onto skin around face. Avoid spraying open wounds or severe skin irritations. Repeat as needed.

This product may be suitable for use on organic farms. Please confirm with your certifier before using.  32 oz.