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Woof Wear Color Fusion Dressage Wrap
Woof Wear Color Fusion Dressage Wrap
Woof Wear Color Fusion Dressage Wrap

Woof Wear Color Fusion Dressage Wrap

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The new Woof Wear Dressage Wrap is a quick and easy alternative to bandaging and provides support to the tendon and fetlock. 

Smart and flexible, the Dressage Wrap allows full flexibility of movement and the 7mm breathable neoprene keeps joints and tendons cool. The plush outer material allows for a wide range of strap adjustment around the leg.

Suitable for everyday use including schooling, warm up, training and clinics.


Neoprene is a closed cell foam manufactured from a polymer called Chloroprene. It is very durable and because it is closed cell is does not absorb water meaning that your horse boots remain light even in wet conditions.

Breathable neoprene has an array of carefully measured holes punched through the foam to allow ventilation keeping your horse's legs cool.



Fitting dressage wraps:

1. Make sure that the horses leg is clean and dry and that the  hair has been smoothed down.

2. Open the boot, by undoing the straps and place the boot on  the inside part of the leg slightly higher than is necessary.

3. Slide the boot down, following the direction of the hair until  you feel the boot cup round the fetlock.